Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Cancelled flight leaves passengers stranded

Chandigarh: The Indus Airways flight, which was scheduled to take off from Chandigarh for Mumbai at 11:40 am, got cancelled today, leaving the passengers stranded at the Chandigarh Airport.
The passengers allege that the authorities kept them waiting till 9:30 pm, before the cancellation of the flight was disclosed to them. “Initially we were told that the flight would take off at 4:30, which was later changed to 6:30 and then to 7:50 pm. It was at 9:30 pm that we were finally told that the flight has been cancelled because of the fog,” said Rajesh Kapoor, a passenger. However, when a Newsline reporter called up the airport authorities around 7:00 pm, the authorities informed that Indus Airlines had been cancelled.
02/01/07 Chandigarh Newsline