Sunday, January 07, 2007

Night landing to be allowed at Goa airport

Panaji: Following confusion at Goa airport last week due to diversion and cancellation of several flights, the Navy has agreed to extend night landing facilities to civilian aircraft from January 8.
Post Goa's liberation, Goa airport, situated next to Hansa naval base, is being managed by the Navy.
"The Navy has now given permission to keep the airport open for night landing from January 8 onwards," Airport Manager Paul Manickam told PTI.
"The runway is being recarpetted. They will reserve some portion for civilian aircraft, which will enable the landing and take-off even at night," he said.
The Airport Authority of India (AAI) officials have pointed out that Goa airport lacked facilities and needed urgent expansion.
The airport building, with a capacity for 350-passengers, has 33 scheduled flights besides chartered flights for tourists amounting to 3,000 passengers every day.
07/01/07 PTI/The Hindu