Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Air India families urge Dion to rethink Liberal stance on anti-terrorism act

Ottawa: Families of victims of the Air India tragedy are urging Stephane Dion to rethink the Liberals’ stance on the Anti-Terrorism Act.
Despite opposition from some Liberal MPs, the newly minted leader has said his party will support the withdrawal of two controversial provisions of the act, involving preventive arrest and special investigative hearings.
The Air India Flight 182 Victims’ Families Association wants the two provisions extended for another three years and is starting a lobbying campaign to demand MPs’ support.
The families argue that if the provisions are allowed to expire on March 1, the federal government will lack the teeth to catch suspected terrorists and prevent future attacks.
They also fear that the RCMP will have to scrap plans to compel suspects in the Air India disaster to testify before a judge.
19/02/07 The Canadian Press/Canada.com