Sunday, June 16, 2013

Jet passengers left in lurch at Mumbai due to flight delays

Nagpur:  The passengers of a Jet Airways flight from Mumbai, which was scheduled to land at Nagpur at 4.45pm, were left in the lurch after the flight was indefinitely delayed, and they were not informed by the airline.
"The flight was supposed to take off by 3.30pm but did not do so. After a long wait, we were told that the flight was coming from Bangalore and had not yet taken off from there due to some technical snag," said Kaustav Chatterjee, a passenger. He said it was only after the 30-odd Nagpur-bound passengers pressed the airlines that they arranged for them to be accommodated in another Jet flight scheduled to land at Nagpur at 7.10pm.
Another passenger, Jagdish Chandra said there was no display about the delay either. They also said that the airline had promised them refreshments, but they did not get any.
15/06/13 Times of India