Sunday, August 04, 2013

Airports to install scanners that don't show body contour

New Delhi: The Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) is all set to install scanners which work on millimetre-wave technology at major airports across the country. These will be used in place of the X-ray body scanners at airports, which had faced objections due to privacy concerns raised by passengers.
Delhi's Indira Gandhi International Airport will be the first in the country in which the new scanners will be tested soon. The scanners, which are a recent invention, do not emit any kind of harmful rays and a stylised image is created after the rays bounce off the top layer of the skin. Any abnormality in the body contour, which could mean hidden explosives or weapons, will be visible on the screen for both the passengers and the security official manning it, sources said.
This scanner does not produce an image where body contour and shape is visible and only a generic image is generated. If any suspicious object is noticed, then the particular body part will be highlighted automatically.
05/08/13 VijaitaSingh/Indian Express