Wednesday, August 07, 2013

System snag hits Jet Airways, flights delayed by up to 1 hour

Mumbai: Jet Airways flights in Mumbai faced delays of 45 minutes to an hour on Tuesday morning after the airline's system failed for about two hours.
The problem was rectified later in the day and normality returned to flight operations. The system failure is known to have affected around 300 airlines, which use the same software, globally. Among Indian carriers, Jet Airways is the only airline which uses the system.
Around 9am, the airline's ticketing and reservation system, Sabre Solutions, faced an outage. The system failed and all ticketing and check-in operations came to a halt, said airport officials. The queues became longer, and flights were delayed as the airline staff tried to handle the passengers. The airline staff started manual check-ins.
07/08/13 Times of India