Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Etihad cutting flights with Jet Airways planes

Etihad has been growing at a fast pace, even though they remain a “boutique” airline compared to their UAE rival, Emirates.
To help their growth plans, Etihad has been operating some leased Jet Airways planes for a while. Etihad has a 24 per cent stake in Jet Airways, which is a notoriously unprofitable airline. Since Jet Airways couldn’t turn a profit on longhaul flights, it made sense for them to try to cut their losses on the B777-300ERs.
So Etihad has been flying them for the past several years, and has six of them in their fleet. The issue is that the onboard product on the Jet Airways B777 doesn’t quite match the product on the Etihad B777.
While Jet Airways also has fully enclosed suites in first class on their B777s, the product is outdated and poorly maintained. The same is true in other cabins.
Meanwhile Etihad has a much more pleasant looking first class cabin on their B777s.
04/01/16 Financial Express

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