Thursday, February 04, 2016

Kerfuffle at airport over luggage lag

An IndiGo flight from Bangkok that landed at NSCBI airport early on Wednesday created history of sorts. It brought all the 39 passengers on board safe and sound, but not the luggage of most of them.
The infuriated passengers staged a demonstration at the arrival lounge as they were made to wait for about 10 hours to get their luggage brought by another flight.
The IndiGo flight, 6378, landed at Kolkata airport at around 4.10 a.m. But when they went to collect their luggage, they found to their consternation that their luggage had been left behind in Bankgkok.
As anxiety gripped the passengers, they made frantic inquiries about what had happened to their luggage.
The IndiGo staff were at pains to explain the reason of the "missing" luggage and requested the passengers to wait at the airport, assuring them that their luggage would be brought from Bangkok by another flight. The passengers had no option but to wait.
Their patience, however, began to wear thin by noon about ten hours after they landed and they began a demonstration at the arrival lounge.
04/02/16 Statesman

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