Sunday, March 20, 2016

Dangers drones pose to civil aviation

Rob Eagles, director, ATM Infrastructure, International Air Transport Association (IATA), spoke to dna about the dangers that drones pose to civil aviation.

1. How dangerous are drones to civil aviation?
Safety reports from a number of civil aviation and safety authorities in the world have revealed a significant number of near-collisions. With the number of incidents increasing at a great rate, the potential for collisions between manned and unmanned aircraft is growing alarmingly. We do not yet have enough scientific data regarding the specific damages likely to be caused to manned aircraft of all types by these collisions.

2. Since companies and military forces are not going to limit the use of drones, what are the solutions to the threat they pose?
Many of the unmanned aircraft operators are new to the field of aviation. We believe that the hazards involving manned and unmanned aircraft operating together in the same airspace mean that drone operators need to be educated. We also believe that unmanned aircraft operating in non-segregated airspace need to operate in accordance with the same tried-and-tested concepts as manned aircraft — they will need to be operated in accordance with air traffic control instructions, have compatible communications and navigation capabilities and be able to be seen by air traffic controllers and manned aircraft. Where companies and military forces operate in segregated airspace, measures will have to be enforced to ensure that they remain within that airspace.
20/03/16 Daily News & Analysis

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