Sunday, March 20, 2016

‘Flight commander makes final decision to land in bad weather conditions’

A properly trained pilot should be able to land under harsh weather such conditions, Oleg Smirnov, former deputy civil aviation minister of the USSR, told RT.
A Boeing 737 passenger plane belonging to budget carrier Flydubai crashed in Rostov-on-Don in south-west Russia on Saturday morning. Sixty-two people including 6 crew members were killed in the accident.
RT: If the first landing attempt fails, is it the pilot or ground control who makes the decision to try a second time?

Oleg Smirnov: All the international rule and regulations assign this right to the commander of the crew. It is his call, it is just the crew commander; he is in charge, he makes the decision.
RT: Another plane trying to land there around the same time decided to divert to another city - why didn't the FlyDubai jet do the same?

OS: Well, it is a good question and it really reveals the extent of professionalism. The crew which made the decision to divert and go to another airfield after analyzing weather conditions at Rostov Airport…
RT: As we know so far, there were rain and heavy winds of around 22 m/sec. How dangerous are such conditions for landing a plane?

OS: Exactly, like I was saying, the crew commander, which made this decision acted professionally. And the pilot who made a decision to go for the landing and who failed – this was unprofessional. Of course, strong wind is a problem when landing. But such weather conditions do not absolutely prevent you from landing. A properly trained pilot should be able to land under such conditions, and he should be able to land safely. If he is not confident or if he is not properly trained he has to divert to another airfield.
19/03/16 RT
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