Saturday, July 23, 2016

At Mumbai airport, flights rarely on time, Air India most delayed

Mumbai: Domestic airlines from Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (CSIA), Mumbai clocked the worst on-time performance (OTP) in April and May in comparison to other metro airports in the country, according to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). Air India suffered the most — less than 70 per cent in the OTP results for scheduled domestic airlines. According to DGCA data, as many as 43,827 affected passengers of Air India were compensated with Rs 72.58 lakh when domestic flights were delayed for more than two hours across the country.
A total of 3,143 passengers were affected due to Air India flight cancellations and 379 were denied boarding, the highest among domestic airlines.
Air India complies with the Route Dispersal Guidelines, which ensures there is no monopoly in popular sectors and encourages carriers to provide access to all parts of the country including the Northeast. According to the OTPs of scheduled domestic airlines complying with Route Dispersal Guidelines, Air India’s OTP was 66.5 per cent for May and 69.7 per cent for April. DGCA data indicated “reactionary” reasons relating to airport concerns, problems with the Air Traffic Control (ATC), weather, technical and passenger issues as reasons for the delays.
However, the data observed that infrastructure issues at the airport, in terms of parking and congestion, was the major reason causing the delays of Air India. “Air India was able to achieve a decent punctuality record of more than 75 per cent in all the other metro airports of the country. However, with CSIA, the infrastructure issues and limited parking slots are the major reasons for the delay caused. Also, we have to manage almost 50-60 flights on a daily basis from Mumbai. Thus, adjusting passengers to a big aircraft with more seating capacity also takes time,” said a spokesperson from Air India.
23/07/16 Neha Kulkarni/Indian Express