Wednesday, November 02, 2016

A new airport on the anvil ground report- A host of animals needs protection

Pune: The focus right now is on the Indian Gray Wolf and the existential crisis it faces in case the international airport comes up at Purandar. But the fact is a host of animal species thrive on these grasslands and need immediate protection.
As reported earlier by TOI, conservation experts suggest that at least four biodiversity hotspots exist in Purandar. They had presented a plan for protecting the se areas even before the airport was proposed.
Viraj Apte, a part of `Wolf Gang', said, "We have been studying the area of WaghapurChaufula-Pargaon-Memane since 2010. It is rich in grassland wildlife. These species are under threat now and deserve conservation. With the new airport coming up, the threat to Waghapur as well as three other such habitats in the vicinity has increased."
Waghapur falls under the forest department and is located at an aerial distance of 3-4 km from the survey zone of the proposed airport.
02/11/16 Abhishek Samuel/Times of India