Sunday, November 06, 2016

Airfares remain high even after festival

Ahmedabad: Diwali was a joyous affair for all, but the celebrations have not ended for domestic airlines who have been keeping fares high based on their surge pricing policy. People are struggling to book air tickets as even a week after Diwali air fares to key destinations continue to be 35%-40% higher than regular rates.
"Airfares to destinations such as Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata & Bengaluru have significantly shot up. This is a general trend during the festive season and fares shoot up at least five days ahead of Diwali and continue the fortnight after," said Manoj Shah, a city-based travel operator.
Moreover, with chhath puja on Sunday, fares to less-frequented destinations such as Patna, too, are priced at around Rs10,000 for one-way flights, which is more than double of what it costs, ordinarily. With waiting lists in trains scrolling to 350 and counting, airfares have significantly shot up due to surge pricing policy.
06/11/16 Times of India