Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Nothing should stop direct flights now

Both Air India and Air New Zealand have Boeing 787 aircraft in their fleets that could manage the 16-hour flight time, but they look unlikely to chance their arms on this in the immediate future.

Air New Zealand regards the yield on the sector as insufficient to justify non-stop

flights, which require a very heavy fuel load and thus a potentially smaller payload. Moreover, while New Delhi is the largest single traffic point, accounting for nearly half, the balance is spread across a number of other cities.

Of these, Mumbai would be the most significant for outbound traffic from India. Mumbai is the only centre that Air New Zealand is entitled to serve, but as we discuss below it has some useful code-share options.

Air India, which is now a Star Alliance member, crucially has the right to fly directly to Auckland from New Delhi as well as from any other Indian city it wishes.

The nearest it has come so far, though, is Australia. It currently flies from New Delhi to Sydney and Melbourne using a Boeing 787, which has the capability to service New Zealand non-stop as well.
31/10/16 Indian News Link