Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Plan for ‘bomb-proof’ underpass near Mysuru airport runway

A soil-testing exercise along a stretch of National Highway 212, connecting Mysuru with Nanjangud near here, is under way to explore the feasibility of constructing a ‘bomb-proof’ underpass below the existing national highway and perpendicular to the Mysuru airport runway.

The testing, which has been entrusted to a private agency, follows a decision by the Airports Authority of India (AAI) to have IIT-Delhi come up with the design, complete with security features, for an underpass or tunnel to facilitate an highway extension, without realigning the National Highway (NH). The airport is situated between the NH and a railway track.

Soil testing is an elaborate procedure where you have to dig deep into the soil to check the strata and its ability to withstand seismic shocks and other vibrations, said an AAI official familiar with the exercise. The exercise, which began earlier this month, is scheduled to be completed in one month’s time, while the design is to be submitted in three months.
23/11/16 Laiqh A.Khan/The Hindu