Friday, February 17, 2017

Curious case of 200 Air India passengers stranded at Ankara for 24 hours

A flight that has adequate fuel to fly, passengers are ready and pilots eager to move on. Yet it cannot take-off. Have you ever heard of such cases?
Over 200 passengers are stranded in Ankara flying in Air India Flight 130. They are experiencing the bitter circumstance every minute.
AI 130 flew from London for Mumbai but enroute encountered with a case of medical emergency on board. The pilot had to contact the nearest Air Traffic Control to make an emergency landing at Ankara.
But, later a technical issue prevented it from taking off and flying to its destination.
The plane is a Boeing 787. And, since it was Boeing 787, it cannot take-off if it has made 'overweight landing'.
What it means is that when a Boeing 787 lands, it shall have minimum weight. But as it happened in the present case, the plane had additional 20 tonne of fuel left when it landed. This additional fuel made categorised it as 'overweight landing'.
17/02/17 Anindya Banerjee/India Today