Friday, February 24, 2017

SpiceJet can become India's first long-haul low-cost carrier

New Delhi: SpiceJet is exploring options that may transform it as India's first long-haul low-cost airline. SpiceJet could well be India's first low-cost long-haul carrier. -
With the airline in a comfortable financial position, it is looking for avenues to make profits.

Ajay Singh, the CEO of the airline, feels India has potential for low-cost, long-haul flying with so many Indians willing to explore international destinations.

Singh said it is an idea which is in its infancy and a lot of groundwork has to be done before the final leap is taken which includes acquiring planes, setting up simulator facilities, and then deciding which international routes it can operate profitably.

"Firstly narrow body aircraft give us another hour of flying and this opens up several new destinations for us to explore," said Singh.
24/02/17 AsiaOne