Saturday, March 04, 2017

BOMBING OF THE AIR INDIA FLIGHTS Truth Is Harder To Find Amidst The Smoke And Mirrors!

The Air India Bombing was conspired and executed to avenge the wounded honour of the Golden Temple, a respected seat of worship and devotion and a place of harmony. This temple assault, euphemistically known as, “Operation Blue Star,” had the approval of the Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and was no less evil than the bombing of the Air India flights that followed.
Time passes, sometimes leaving behind only clusters of hurtful memories. Believe me, or ask those whom destiny left behind only to mourn the loved ones they lost on June 23, 1985.
30 years have gone by waiting to hear the news that might offer the living victims of the Air India tragedy a reason to spend the rest of their days with some sense of justice.  It now seems that they will never realise their hopes.
The Air-India Bombing was not a car accident caused by a drunken driver, or a miscalculation of his driving skills on an icy Canadian road.  Rather, it was a well schemed, well financed and well executed mass murder of 331 individuals and aviation first.  They had no idea before and after they boarded the plane that they were being taken to meet not their relatives but the end of their lives –sort of reminder of the Holocaust victims on a smaller scale. Eyes still get moist and tears still roll down cheeks when someone or something reminds us of that day.
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