Thursday, March 02, 2017

Volga-Dnepr Gulf approved by India authorities

Volga-Dnepr Gulf, the UAE-based subsidiary of the Russian MRO provider Volga-Dnepr Technics, has announced it had received approval of the aviation authorities of India for providing unrestricted line and base maintenance to Boeing 747-400, 737CL and NG and Airbus A320 family aircraft registered in India. The DGCA CAR 145 was issued on February 27 based on the results of an audit conducted in December 2016, the company said.

The provider is expecting to see Indian-registered aircraft at its hangar complex at Sharjah airport. Volga-Dnepr Gulf's Mikhail Khoroshaev emphasized that operators from South Asia specifically asked the company to arrange maintenance for their fleets. However he did not disclose any details. "At this stage of negotiations we are not ready to name specific airlines. As soon as we get the first aircraft in our hangar, we'll tell," he said to Russian Aviation Insider.

According to Khoroshaev, the provider is gearing up to launch services for operators from other countries as well.
01/03/17 Russian Aviation Insider