Sunday, June 04, 2017

AAI to build a parallel taxiway at Chennai airport to take more flights

Chennai: In an effort to reduce delays on the ground, Airports Authority of India (AAI) will build a new parallel taxiway and two rapid exit taxiways for the main runway at Chennai airport. The Rs 100-crore work will enable the airport to handle more flights and also help cut down the time spent by planes waiting for take-off clearance.
The facility, when completed, will also help the airport use the second runway more frequently in the long run. AAI is gradually upgrading infrastructure to carry out simultaneous use of the two runways which may be needed to handle the expected increase in the number of flights when the regional connectivity scheme kicks off.
The parallel taxiway will also help planes parked in bays between the main runway and second runway reach the terminals without hampering aircraft on the main runway. These planes now cross the main runway to reach the terminal buildings to board or disembark passengers.
Planes may still have to cross the main runway but the new taxiway will reduce the use of runway space currently used for taxiing.
Airport director G Chandramouli said 'Romeo', a small taxiway parallel to the main runway, would be extended to connect either end of the main runway. "The project has received administrative sanction. A team of officials from AAI headquarters visited the airport and inspected the site," he said.
04/06/17 Times of India