Friday, June 02, 2017

Amazon files patent application in India for tech related to drone safety

Chennai: Amazon Technologies has filed a patent application in India for a technology which might ensure that automated aerial vehicles (AAVs, better known as drones) do not hit humans or animals while delivering packages.
This comes as the e-commerce major is working on Amazon Prime Air, a service aimed to deliver packages up to five pounds in 30 minutes or less, using small drones.
The patent application, for propeller safety in AAVs, describes a system for automatically detecting a contact or an imminent contact between a propeller of the AAV and an object such as a human, pet or other animal. When a contact is detected, a safety profile is executed, by which the rotation of the propeller could be quickly stopped.
"For example, an AAV may be configured to deliver a payload that contains an item ordered from an e-commerce website to a custome- specified location (e.g a backyard of a home). As the AAV is preparing to land at the location, it may monitor for objects (pets, humans) approaching the AAV and quickly respond to prevent the object from becoming harmed," says the specification filed by the company with the Patent Office.
02/06/17 Gireesh Babu/Business Standard