Wednesday, June 14, 2017

BCAS opposes exempting pilots from sky marshal briefings

New Delhi: Aviation security watchdog BCAS has opposed a demand by airline operators to exempt pilots from the mandatory pre-flight briefing session by sky marshals.
The agency is now awaiting the Home Ministry's views on the matter.
At a recent meeting called by the Civil Aviation Ministry, the airlines demanded that pilots be excused from being briefed by sky marshals before take off, according to sources.
Sky marshals are armed security personnel in plain clothes who travel in select flights to deal with mid-air security emergencies, if any.
The briefing is part of the security drill but the carriers are opposing it on the grounds that on several occasions pilots do not have enough time to switch from one flight to another.
Sources said the BCAS (Bureau of Civil Aviation Security) is opposed to the demand from the airlines as the pilot-in- command is in charge of a flight and should attend the briefing.
13/06/17 Times of India