Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Bizarre: Cops grill pilots for WhatsApp chat, not getting DGCA officer's designation right

The Delhi Police today said it is examining a group of pilots after the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) filed a complaint against them for allegedly making obscene remarks against its officials in a WhatsApp group.
Reports said at least 34 pilots of private fliers SpiceJet, Jet Airways, GoAir and IndiGo have been questioned by the Lodhi Road police in the national capital for posting messages against DGCA officer Lalit Gupta.
"The pilots have been called in for questioning on the basis of a complaint by the DGCA. They have been called in for an inquiry," PTI quoted a senior police official.        
"The text of the message was highly objectionable, unpardonable and obscene language was used against family members of DGCA officials," The Hindu quoted a senior DGCA official, who requested anonymity.
Delhi Police examining a group of pilots after DGCA filed complaint against them for allegedly bad mouthing their bosses in a WhatsApp group.
News agency PTI said the pilots were grilled after Gupta, a DGCA Joint Director General, took offence at not being addressed with the correct designation in a letter written by them to him.
It started with the DGCA releasing a notification seeking comments on increasing the notice period of airline pilots from six months to one year.
Some pilots replied to the notification, but got Gupta's designation wrong. They wrote to Lalit Gupta, who is Joint Director General of civil aviation as 'Director General Civil Aviation'.
To which Lalit Gupta took offence and replied to these pilots, questioning their mental alertness and rebuking them for not getting his designation properly.
Lalit Gupta also copied the letter to their technical supervisor, asking for the alertness of these pilots to be reviewed. Gupta also asked for an unconditional apology from these pilots
It was then that some pilots had a conversation about the DGCA on their WhatsApp group. DGCA forwarded the complaint to Delhi Police, saying the pilots were abusing its officer.
06/06/17 Shruti Singh/India Today