Monday, June 05, 2017

CISF nab two men smuggling $60,000 at international airport

Two persons were apprehended and found in possession of around $60,000 US at the Indira Gandhi International Airport on Saturday night.

Aftab Sheikh was travelling to Bangkok and was intercepted by CISF officials after they noticed him indulging in suspicious activities.

"He (Aftab) had concealed a few Allen Keys in his power banks which he had then sown into the handle of his hand baggage. When he was questioned he was unable to answer some basic questions which raised our doubts," said a CISF official.

Later on, while checking the CCTV footage, officials found that Aftab was talking to another passenger who was later identified as Shehzad Sheikh. A personal search revealed that Aftab had few more Allen keys in the zip portion of his pants.
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