Sunday, June 25, 2017

Indian man's body kept in airport for five months as family refuse to take him away

The body of an Indian man who died in Saudi Arabia has been kept in South Asia's biggest airport for five months because his family refuse to claim it until they are given DNA results.

Jaswinder Singh burned to death in the Saudi province of Al-Kharj two years ago, but his remains are still lying in a morgue in the Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi.
Mr Singh's family are demanding DNA test results to prove he is their relative before claiming the body.

They said the diesel mechanic's phone was still active six months after his death in November 2015, and remained hopeful that he was still alive despite the fact that nobody answered their calls.

Saudi officials didn't release Mr Singh's body until his family members sent them DNA samples for an identity match in December 2016, according to India Times.
His cadaver was then flown to India, but authorities did not send the DNA test results with the body.
25/06/17 Greg Wilford/Independent