Sunday, July 30, 2017

Air India Crew Members Detained In Saudi Arabia Over Permit

The crew members of the Air India flight from Mumbai to Jeddah flight were detained in Saudi Arabia for three hours due to a permit issue on June 26.
The incident took place on June 26 when the crew members of the national carrier landed in Jeddah.
The crew members of the Air India flight 931 were returning to their hotel after having dinner when their taxi was intercepted by Saudi police for a routine permit checking.
Despite showing a copy of immigration and valid Air India IDs, they were put in the police vans and were told not to use cell phones.
Subsequently, one of the crew members made a call to their hotel and explained the situation giving their location. Following which two hotel staff came for their release.
But despite showing  the immigration paper to the police, the crew members were taken to the police station.
Later, cell phones of the crew members were confiscated and all of them were locked inside a room.
Three hours later, an Arab hotel staffer came and explained the police official about their identity following which they were released.
The crew members and the air hostess were detained as copies of permits are not valid in Jeddah.
30/07/17 Outlook