Sunday, July 16, 2017

Air India has no info on its disinvWhat is the divestment of Air India all about?

Through an RTI, Air India was asked to provide the documents related with its proposed disinvestment, including those exchanged between Air India and different offices.

S K Bajaj, AGM (OA), Air India informed through his letter dated July 11 2017, that Air India has not made any communication to any other officers, nor has it received any communication from any of the departments in respect of the proposed disinvestment of Air India. Hence, it has no information to provide in this regards.
Acoording to RTI activist Nutan, "It is truly strange that the company whose privatization is being planned, seems to be out of the loop in the process."
16/07/17 Arbvind Chauhani/Times of India