Thursday, July 27, 2017

Authorities’ intervention sought in late departures

Pune: Accusing airlines of providing them with little or no information, passengers plagued by frequent delay of flights from the city last week asked the airport authorities to intervene.

There have been at least three instances of flights to different destinations getting delayed in a week, excluding the delay of an Air India flight from Delhi to Pune on Tuesday. Passengers were little satisfied with the airlines' excuses like weather and technical snags.

"I was in the SpiceJet flight getting late by over three hours on June 21. The same flight to Ahmedabad was delayed again on Saturday for over five hours. The problem is airlines don't tell the passengers the issue and just keep them waiting, adding to their frustration. It is high time the airport authorities took up the cases of frequent delays," a businessman told TOI. Tushar Nayak, a passenger of the SpiceJet's (SG-524) flight mailed to TOI, stating, "On Saturday last week, the flight departed at 1.50am while its original time of departure from Pune was 8.40pm. They served food but it was not good at all.'
27/07/17 Joy Sengupta/Times of India