Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Aviation industry says bye bye to YY Fares

One of the earliest relics of the global aviation industry will soon be buried. YY Fares, the multilateral interlineable fares from the International Air Transport Association (IATA) will be rescinded from October 31, 2018. The Association, which represents 275 airlines across the world, said in early July that “the rescinding of YY fares reflects the dramatic transformation that continues to take place in the distribution of airline products.”

YY Fares were established in 1945, enabling a flier to travel anywhere in the world on a single ticket in a single currency. This facility threw open the world as a travel destination for the customer as he could now fly on different airlines and have his luggage checked through to final destination. That was the essence of multilateral interlineable fares.

“It was like an open ticket,” says an official from a leading travel company. “Those times, till the 1990s, an airline would only fly to a limited number of destinations. YY fares would help a flier to travel on multiple airlines using a that open ticket,” he adds. For instance, a flier from Mumbai would take an Air India flight to Frankfurt; and use the same ticket to fly onward to, say Paris, on a Lufthansa flight.

YY Fares were honoured by all member-airlines of IATA, which used to submit coordinated international fares and rates to governments for approval. These fares later came to be known as IATA YY Fares. It was a big achievement in enabling global travel. “YY fares were the backbone of global airfares for much of the last 70 years,” said Alexandre de Juniac, IATA’s Director General and CEO in a press release.
25/07/17 Prince Mathews Thomas/Business Line