Sunday, July 30, 2017

Bullets found in cop’s bag at airport

Bhopal: A passenger sent security personnel at Raja Bhoj airport aflutter on Saturday when four bullets were detected in his luggage just before he was to board a flight to Mumbai. Turned out, he was a police officer.
Airport security handed him to Gandhi Nagar police, who let him go rather than register a case, saying it was negligence and not a crime.
The officer, Anil Bamaniya, is posted as a traffic inspector in Rajgarh district. Police said four bullets — two each of 9mm and 5.56mm (Insas rifle ammo) — were found in his bag. When questioned by CISF personnel, the inspector identified himself and said he forgot he had the bullets in his bag. He tried to argue that bullets of this calibre are issued only to law enforcement, but airport security would have none of it and handed him to police.
30/07/17 Times of India