Friday, July 28, 2017

Ghodawat group to start air service from Belagavi

Kolhapur:  The Ghodawat group here is planning to start air services from Sambara airport in Belagavi, around 120km from here, under the name Star Service from January next year.
Initially, services will be provided to Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi and Tirupati. Special arrangements will be made for passengers from Kolhapur to go to Sambara airport, said city-based industrialist Sanjay Ghodawat.
"We have completed the formalities as per the guidelines of the aviation ministry. Some legal process are pending and will be completed within six months,"Ghodawat said.
The group has recently signed an agreement to buy two 50-seater aircraft for the service.
"At the initial level, our aim is to connect with major cities like Delhi and Mumbai. Gradually, we will connect with other major cities. This will help develop the district's education, industrial and tourism sector," said Ghodawat.
28/07/17 Times of India