Thursday, July 27, 2017

Gold worth Rs 1.30 crore seized in last two days, one airport staff held

During last two days, custom officials at Mumbai CSI have seized illegally smuggled gold jewellery/bars valued at more than Rs 1.30 crore in their anti-smuggling work.
For three consecutive days, customs officials were able to intercept and apprehend 6 people who smuggled gold into the country.
On July 24 night, Deepak Kumar Sheta, who arrived from Dubai, was arrested for carrying gold jewellery weighing 722 gms and valued at Rs 21.29 lakh concealed in the front pocket of his linen pants.
On July 25, Riyaj Mohammed (29) holding Indian passport, arrived from Riyadh by Air India flight and was apprehended for carrying two white coloured gold wires collectively weighing 699 grams valued at Rs 20.62 lakh. The consignment was hidden inside the inner lining of his trolley bag.
On July 25, Rekha Srichanda Talreja (39), who arrived from Bangkok by Thai Airways flight, was intercepted and during a personal search, gold jewellery and one cut piece of gold bar was recovered from her rectum, total weighing 810 grams and valued at Rs 23.89 lakh.
On the same night, Md Rishad Vannante Valappil (29), arrived from Dubai by Emirates flight with hollow cylindrical shaped gold inside a mixer, weighing 860 grams and valued at Rs 25.37 lakh.
Similar consignment was caught from another passenger. On July 25, Abdul Majeed Pallikere Ahmed (42), holding Indian passport, arrived from Dubai by Fly Dubai Airlines with another consignment of similar hollow cylindrical shaped gold concealed inside a mixer, weighing 861 grams valued at Rs 25.39 lakh.
During daytime of July 26, one airport staff Arif Mohamed Khan (23), working as a customer agent in Air India Air Transport Services Ltd (AIATSL), a subsidiary of Air India, was arrested by custom officials at the airport gate. The officials recovered four gold bars of ten tolas each weighing 464 grams in total and valued at Rs 13.68 lakh from Khan. The gold bars were concealed in the battery slot of the Samsung mobile he was carrying.
27/07/17 Virendrasingh Ghunawat/India Today