Friday, July 28, 2017

Government has awarded 128 routes to 5 airlines under the UDAN scheme

The Government has awarded 128 routes connecting 43 unserved and under-served airports to 5 selected airlines for commencing operations under Regional Connectivity Scheme (RCS) - UDAN in the 1st round of bidding. RCS flights from six RCS airports - Shimla, Nanded, Kandla, Porbandar Gwalior & Bhatinda-  have already commenced. The 2nd round of bidding under RCS-UDAN is likely to commence soon.

The Ministry of Civil Aviation launched RCS-UDAN  scheme on 21-10-2016  to facilitate/stimulate regional air connectivity by making it affordable. Promoting affordability of Regional air connectivity is envisioned under RCS by supporting airline operators through (i) concessions by Central Government, State Governments and airport operators to reduce the cost of airline operations on regional routes and (ii) financial support (Viability Gap Funding or VGF).
As per provision in the National Civil Aviation Policy, the revival of the airstrips and airports where scheduled operations are currently not undertaken, will be demand-driven depending on firm demand from airline operators and development as no frill airports will be done at an indicative cost within Rs.100 crores.
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