Monday, August 14, 2017

30 Air India pilots caught in pre-flight alcohol test

Thirty Air India pilots were tested positive for alcohol during pre-flight test since 2014, according to the Ministry of Civil Aviation (MoCA).

While there were five pilots who were tested positive for the first time in 2014, six were tested for alcohol during the pre-flight tests in 2015.

Last year saw the highest at 12 while till June this year, there were two such incidents for Air India pilots.

According to the statistics placed in Parliament recently, there were three pilots who tested positive for alcohol in 2015 and two other last year. In 2014 or this year until June, there are no such cases.

The Ministry also told Parliament that it was "not a common occurrence" that the pilots failing pre-flight alcohol tests.

It also said the existing rules and regulations are adequate enough to deal with the situation.
13/081/7 Shemin Joy/Deccan Herald