Wednesday, August 30, 2017

AI staff earns Bhind MP’s ire over issuing economy class boarding pass

Bhopal: Air India officials earned the wrath of Bhind Lok Sabha MP Bhagirath Prasad who was issued an economy class boarding pass even when he is entitled to travel in business class. The MP was scheduled to fly to New Delhi on Tuesday morning to attend a meeting. On reaching at the airport, the MP and his staff were taken aback when they found that instead of business class, an economy class boarding pass was issued. Peeved over the careless and negligent attitude of the Air India officials, Bhagirath Prasad took the matter to the AI top boss at Airport.

However, AI authorities denied any kind of row and said that Bhind MP had flown with them to Delhi a number of times and it was due to some confusion that economy class boarding pass was issued. Prasad, however, accused the AI staff of being negligent and alleged that that many passengers face similar problems at eleventh hour when the plane is just about to take off.

MP Bhagirath Prasad said, “I am very simple man and van even fly in economy class. But when I am entitled for business class, whey did AI issue boarding pass of economy class to me. And when I raised the issue with AI officials they immediately intervened and settled the issue. The AI officials should ensure that such misunderstanding is not repeated with any other air passenger as it is very taxing.”
Replying to a question that he was not keen in sitting beside Leader of Opposition Ajay Singh, Prasad told reports, “it was simply media generated report. In fact am in public life since late Arjun Singh was CM. Why should I have any hesitation in sitting next to Ajay Singh in flight?”
30/08/17 Free Press Journal