Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Air India airhostess slips up, deploys evacuation chute upon landing

Air India on Tuesday grounded an airhostess for accidentally deploying the evacuation chute of a Boeing 777 after the plane landed and reached its parking bay in Mumbai. The incident happened when AI 102 operated on Delhi-Mumbai sector on Tuesday. The chute got deployed in a way that it went inflating inside a catering van that was near the aircraft with meals to be loaded for the next flight.
"We are investigating. A cabin crew member admitted to deploying the chute by mistake. Her statement will be recorded on Wednesday," said a senior AI official.
The official said it seems the B-777 had landed and reached its parking bay when the airhostess accidentally opened the "R2 door escape slide" in auto mode. "The aircraft had to operate another flight and we arranged for a replacement cabin crew for the personnel grounded," the official said. The return flight this aircraft as to operate to the US was delayed due to this.
Inflatable evacuation slides, used for evacuating an aircraft quickly in an emergency, are packed within the door structure. In new generation aircraft, these slides deploy automatically when a door is opened in 'armed' condition to reduce evacuation time. Inadvertent slide deployment leads to delays as the aircraft cannot take off for another flight till all doors have a packed chute.
16/08/17 Saurabh Sinha/Times of India