Saturday, August 05, 2017

Air India Chief Vigilance Officer under scanner after corruption charges

New Delhi: Air India Chairman and Managing Director (CMD), Ashwani Lohani has passed an order to recover unauthorised payments made to carrier’s employees.

The order paves the way to recover money from the salary of carrier’s Chief Vigilance Officer (CVO), was has been charged of misusing her position and mistreating public fund.

Shobha Ohatker, CVO of Air India, is facing charges of corruption against her. She has been accused of staying in hotels and flying to different destinations from the funds of Air India.

Ohatker, an IPS officer from the batch of 1990, has been with Air India since 2015.

A number of reports emerged in 2016, where it was reported that she had been receiving payments she wasn’t entitled to. In addition to it, reports came out that she flew from Delhi to Pune 31 times in a month and that too, without presenting appropriate reasons.
05/08/17 ANI/New Indian Express