Saturday, August 19, 2017

Airport Authority of India engages Cept to plan new airports

Ahmedabad: Airport Authority of India (AAI) has engaged Cept university to plan new airports and extension of existing ones. Cept has been given the work to formulate a policy framework for land procurement for the airport projects. The initiative is part of India's plan to increase the number of airports to 250 by 2030.
Centre for Urban Land and Real Estate Policy (CULREP) at Cept has been commissioned by the Airport Authority of India (AAI) to review alternate options and recommend a broader policy for land procurement for Airport projects. This policy will be based on review of state legislations and case studies of new and existing airports. The AAI is charged with the responsibility of developing greenfield airports in the country and expansion of existing airports. The state governments are expected to provide land for this purpose.
Traditionally, such land required for the 'public purpose' of developing airports was being compulsorily acquired. More recently, the experience of many state governments regarding compulsory acquisition is that it is time consuming, financially expensive and prone to political resistance. Therefore AAI intends to explore an alternate policy framework of land procurement for airport projects; one which does not rely on compulsory acquisition of land, said a statement from the CEPT.
19/08/17 Times of India