Monday, August 28, 2017

Drones are free-flying birds in Delhi skies

Despite deploying over 20 teams to track an unmanned flying object that disrupted operations at the Delhi Airport for two hours last week, the Delhi police couldn't track its operators. Security experts claim that it is 'herculean task' to nab the drone operator near airport due to fast moving traffic and several wedding venues where drones are 'illegally' used to film aerial shots.
However, it is believed that most drones sighted by the pilots during landing and take-off are the ones used by wedding photographers. These drones are hired to capture a bird-eye view of weddings that take place near the airport.
Airport officials claim that every month, nearly 6-7 cases of pilots getting distracted by different objects are reported. The restriction of flying drones has hit the photographers as many resorts that are hotspot wedding destinations are based in the vicinity of the airport and flights are at a very low height there.
The agency banned the use of drones for commercial purposes in October 2014. It came out with a draft policy for operations of drones in April 2016, which brought some cheer for the industry.
28/08/17 Shashank Shekhar/India Today