Tuesday, August 15, 2017

From This Independence Day, Air India To Allow Members Of Armed Forces To Board First On Flight

Any effort made towards recognizing our Armed Forces, and the sacrifices they make to safeguard the nation, should be welcomed.
To that end, India's national carrier, Air India has decided to salute the Indian Soldiers by inviting them to board first on all their flights, before any other passengers. Even before First Class and Business Class passengers
In a mail to top officials, Air India executive director Sarabjot Singh Uberoi wrote that the carrier has decided that the serving members of the armed forces from Army, Air Force and Navy would be invited to board flights first.
Uberoi wrote that the order has to be implemented from August 15 onwards on all Air India flights.
"Serving soldiers will be invited to board all Air India flights even before First Class and Business class travellers. The country is grateful to them for their services and this is our way of honouring the soldiers for their contribution," Uberoi was quoted as saying.
15/08/17 India Times