Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Gold concealed in handles of handbags seized at airport

Chennai: Sleuths of the Air Intelligence Unit (AIU) at the airport seized 516 gm of gold worth Rs 15 lakhs on Tuesday morning, which was concealed inside a ladies handbag.
Special effort was taken to mould the gold into the shape of a semi-circle and was placed in the handle of the ladies handbag. Four such semi-circle shaped gold rods weighing 489gm was kept beneath the upper layer of the handle. It was recovered from the passenger identified as Shaik Chand Basha, a customs official said.
Basha came from Kuwait via Bahrain by Gulf airlines flight GF068 at around 5am. He was intercepted after he had passed the customs green channel and was walking towards the exit.
Basha's checked-in baggage was examined. He had a brown colour carton box and two unbranded blue and red colour ladies handbags, which were unusually heavy, an official said.
Upon examining the handbags, one gold dollar chain weighing 26.5gm was also recovered, along with the gold rods concealed in the handles.
30/08/17 Times of India