Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Indian Air Force-owned Hindon Airport to become second airport in Delhi NCR

New Delhi: The Indian Air Force-owned Hindon airbase in Ghaziabad would become the second airport in the National Capital Region of Delhi albeit for regional commercial flights, the government said on Wednesday.

The government said that they have fetched approvals from the Indian Air Force to allow regional airlines to launch flights out of Hindon airbase instead of the existing Delhi airport, as it is not constrained.

“We will not be able to add any new regional flights out of Mumbai airport because there are no slots available. Not just that Delhi airport is also facing slot constraints. We will soon be offering Hindon airbase in Ghaziabad for regional flights,” said aviation secretary RN Choubey.
He added that the ministry will talk to Delhi airport for their approval for the usage of another airport within 150 km radius of the existing Delhi airport.

“We have started discussion with Delhi airport management on this and are hopeful that they would not have any problem in starting regional flights from Hindon,” Choubey added.
30/08/17 Mihir Mishra/Economic Times