Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Malaysia Airlines sale: Get your flights to India from $573 return

Malaysia Airlines has some last-minute space on flights to Delhi in India with available flight dates from August to October 2017, going from Melbourne to Delhi for as little as $573 round trip. These are about as low as prices will ever drop to India, coming in a little bit cheaper than previous Malaysia Airlines Delhi flight sales which saw prices fall to $588 return.

They're still a bit more expensive than AirAsia flights are going at the same time, however. If you want to go budget and don't need the checked baggage and in-flight meals then AirAsia might be the one for you.

The reason there's space left to fill is probably because it's monsoon season in India from July to September, so you might want to aim for the later October travel dates for much better weather, while still getting practically identical prices.

The other catch is that certain dates might come with a fairly extensive stopover on the way back, so it might be worth tweaking your dates a bit to avoid this.
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