Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Mohali worst hit, showpiece airport road goes under water

Mohali: The drainage system in Punjab-administered Mohali collapsed under the onslaught of downpour that lashed Tricity on Monday morning. All roads, including the showpiece six-lane airport road, were flooded throwing life out of gear for at least six hours on the first day of the week. Residential areas and parks turned into lakes. In some places, there was two and a half feet of water. Many residents watched helplessly as water entered their homes in almost all phases of Mohali, which was the worst hit in the Tricity.
Traffic came to a standstill on all major roads in the city. Uprooted trees and irregular power supply added to the woes of the residents, who blamed the Municipal Corporation for not taking enough precautions before the rainy season. According to the traffic police, around 500 vehicles developed snags after water entered their engines. Several cars, especially low-slung luxury cars, had stalled on the airport road. One car was floating near the Radha Swami light point.
Occupants of many vehicles had abandoned them on the roads in different areas of the city, adding to the jam. The traffic police struggled to arrange recovery vans and failed to clear the roads where people left their vehicles. Some people called the mechanics but they proved too few for the scale of the crisis that was unfolding on the roads.
22/08/17 Indian Express