Sunday, August 27, 2017

Plane’s engine parts come off on takeoff run

New Delhi: In an unprecedented scare at the Delhi airport, engine parts of a Jumbo Jet fell off just as the plane was about to take off on Saturday. Luckily, the pilots were able to abort takeoff as they were on the airport's longest runway and stop the freighter Boeing 747-300 in time.
However, the runway had to be closed for over half an hour to check for strewn parts and reopened for operations only after removing the same.
This incident happened with the cargo aircraft of a Kabul-bound private Afghan carrier. "Around 4.30pm on Saturday, the plane was rolling for takeoff from runway 29 (the one closest to Gurgaon side). Another aircraft was on the taxiway and its crew, to their horror, saw engine parts of the Jumbo Jet fall off. It alerted the air traffic control (ATC), which in turn contacted the Afghan crew. Luckily, the four-engine B-747 was able to safely stop in time," said a senior ATC official.
An airport source said the "rear portion of an engine, called turbine, had fallen off during the takeoff." The plane was removed from the runway and the airstrip was closed for operations to look for strewn engine parts. Any metallic object lying on the runway can be dangerous for an aircraft if it hits them while they are moving at fast speed.
27/08/17 Saurabh Sinha/Times of India