Monday, September 04, 2017

AAI to implement two-stream ATC rating system for Air Traffic Controllers

New Delhi: Airports Authority of India, in what can be termed as a landmark and historical move aimed at enhancing safety of Aircraft operations and operational efficiency in the Indian airspace, has decided to implement Two-stream Rating Process for the Indian Air Traffic Controllers.

The timely move of AAI to switch over from the existing Single Stream-Multiple Ratings for a controller to the proposed Two-Stream Rating Process is another major safety initiative from AAI which has already implemented many ANS safety initiatives in line with Global Air Navigation Plan. In the recent past, many more pioneering steps had been taken including ANS infrastructure upgradation, Upper Airspace Harmonization, implementation of many parallel route structures, Air Traffic Flow Management etc.
The proposed Two-Stream Rating Process envisages deploying Indian Air Traffic Controllers in either Enroute Stream or Terminal Stream. While the Controllers deployed in Enroute Stream will be responsible for provision of Air traffic Services to the aircraft in Continental/Oceanic Enroute Phase, the Controllers in Terminal Stream will be providing Air Traffic Services to those flights operating around 60 NM from an airport wherein arriving flights from the Enroute phase and Departing flights to join their Enroute Phase operate.
Air Traffic controllers (ATCO), after successfully completing the requisite Ab-initio training and undergoing mandatory on-the-job training are assessed for their competency and skill in line with ICAO standards and DGCA Regulations on the subject.
03/09/17 millenniumpost