Tuesday, September 05, 2017

After expansion, airport set to get five new plane bays

Pune:  With 170 flights landing at or taking off from the Pune airport every day, the eight aircraft parking bays are always busy. Things get tougher when, due to VIP movements or other emergencies, the number of bays available for commercial passenger planes comes down to six. However, things are likely to improve following the expansion of the airport, including its 'apron area'.
Five new aircraft parking bays are also to be added, taking the total count to 13. Though the specifics regarding the commencement and completion dates of the project have not been announced yet, the airport officials are clearly looking forward to the expansion. The new bays will also prepare the airport for more flights and wide-bodied aircraft.
"Of the eight aircraft bays, two are often reserved for either VIP movement or as a standard operating procedure in case of emergencies. At such times, it becomes very difficult to handle the many flights landing and taking off each day. Following the expansion in the apron area, five new aircraft bays will be added. However, right now, a specific date on the start and the completion of the project cannot be given," an airport official told TOI.
05/09/17 Times of India