Friday, September 29, 2017

Air Odisha's RCS plans hampered by Indian airport delays

Air Odisha  was set to commence its regional connectivity scheme services – under India's UDAN program – at the end of this month, but may be delayed as several airports are not ready for commercial operations. The Financial Express cites an anonymous source who says that eight airports in three states are still undergoing final works in preparation to receive flights. Additionally, Air Odisha is having trouble finding slots at Delhi Int'l, and has yet to secure its Scheduled Commuter Operator's (SCO) certificate from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA).

"We are hopeful of getting it within this month," the source said, regarding the SCO. "But even then, we will not be in a position to launch services at least before November due to the airport issues."

The problematic airports include Utkela, Jharsuguda, and Rourkela – where works are yet to be completed – and Meethapur, Neyveli, Bilaspur and Ambikapur.

"Since we are providing network connectivity, we can't launch operations unless all airports in the network are functional. And even if we start flights, it will not be economically viable," the Financial Express's source said.
29/09/17 ch-aviation