Friday, September 01, 2017

Airline abandons flyer’s luggage in Dubai for fuel

Pune: Pradeep Nambiar went on an impromptu shopping expedition on Wednesday where he spent Rs 20,000 on clothes for himself and his family.
The HR professional based in Dubai was far from happy, though. In fact, he is rather angry.
SpiceJet had left their luggage back in Dubai to accommodate extra fuel.
Nambiar and his family arrived in Pune in the early hours of Wednesday. They had planned a trip to Lonavla as a part of their holiday.
"Our holiday started on a disastrous note. We had no clothes. So, we couldn't go to Lonavla. I spent almost Rs20,000 on clothes," an angry Nambiar told TOI on Thursday.
They did get their luggage on Thursday, but for Nambiar and his family it was "a day and money wasted".
"I spent the whole of Wednesday making calls to SpiceJet, but never got a proper response from them," Nambiar said. "I fail to understand the reason behind holding back our luggage," Nambiar said, adding that there were many like them at the airport. He said the airline officials in Pune weren't cooperative.
01/09/17 Joy Sengupta/Times of India