Sunday, September 10, 2017

Airline employees hail no-fly list

Kolkata: Pilots and cabin crew have greeted the rules for the first ever no-fly list to penalise passengers for unruly and inappropriate behaviour.
Air-hostesses who do the Bangkok-Kolkata sector are particularly relieved as they are among the most harassed lot. Faced with drunk behavior from a section of frequent fliers, they have to put up with verbal and at times physical harassment. It is only when the situation spirals beyond control that complaints are lodged.
"Travelling to Bangkok from Kolkata on a full-service carrier is a harrowing experience, not just for crew but also families on the flight. Many travel in large groups and are unruly. Most of the time they are drunk and use expletives. I am confident the mischief will cease as they cannot afford to be barred from flying," said an airline crew.
Some flyers travel twice and at times thrice-a-week on the sector to simply carry back goods for sale in Kolkata. With carrier traffic comprising a major revenue for airlines on the sector, complaints are often discouraged due to commercial reasons. Many sales representatives of mid-sized companies travelling on sponsored holidays to South-East Asia throw up tantrums as well.
Captain Sarvesh Gupta, chairman of the airlines operators' committee at the Kolkata airport, admitted that only a fraction of the unruly incidents get reported as airlines try to avoid a nasty situation. "Unlike the West, where you will never hear anyone shouting in an airport, passengers in India resort to screaming when they don't agree with something. Some feel that since they have bought a flight ticket, they must be accorded special treatment," he pointed out.
10/09/17 Times of India